News from Ethics Agencies

Last updated July 21, 2023

Fair Political Practices Commission News

In June, the Fair Political Practices Commission adopted a regulatory packet pertaining to the Levine Act, Government Code Section 84308. The adopted language reflects changes and discussions from the Commission’s February meeting.

After the adoption of the Levine Act regulations, the Commission released proposed changes to Campaign Disclosure Manual 1 and Manual 2, which reflect changes as a result of the new regulations, along with various other changes reflecting new legislation. The Commission will consider adopting the updated manuals at its August Commission meeting.

Federal Election Commission News

At its June open meeting, the Federal Election Commission discussed use of artificial intelligence in campaign advertising. Specifically, the Commission discussed fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority applying to deliberately deceptive artificial intelligence campaign advertisements.

Los Angeles City Ethics Commission News

According to a report issued by the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, entities registered to lobby City agencies received payments totaling more than $16.5 million in the first quarter of 2023. This is an 11 % decrease from the fourth quarter of 2022.

City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission News

In July, the City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission released its Annual Report. The Annual Report notes that the passage of Measure W by Oakland voters in November 2022 augmented the responsibilities, structure and staffing of the Commission as administrator of a completely re-designed public campaign financing program. The City Council also adopted the Commission’s proposed Ticket Distribution Policy Ordinance, which provides instructions for the distribution and use of City tickets.