News from Ethics Agencies

Last Updated September 18, 2020

California Fair Political Practices Commission News

The California Fair Political Practices Commission announced a $1.35 million penalty in a settlement with the County of Los Angeles. The County spent government funds to support a ballot measure related to a tax increase. The State will split the settlement with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, which filed a civil suit over similar allegations. Link to press release

Commissioner Hayward also announced at the August Commission meeting that she was leaving the Commission effective at the end of the meeting. Link to Commission Meeting

Federal Election Commission News

The electioneering communications period for the 2020 General Election begins on Friday, September 4 and runs through November 3. Any person who makes electioneering communications that aggregate more than $10,000 during this time period must file disclosure statements with the FEC within 24 hours of the date the electioneering communication is publicly distributed. Link for more information

Nonpartisan staff members of the Federal Election Commission sent a letter to President Trump and Senate Leadership requesting that they nominate and confirm Commissioners of color. Link to letter

On August 13, 2020, The Patriots Foundation filed suit against the Federal Election Commission in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia alleging that the Commission failed to act in a timely manner on its administrative complaint.Link to more information

Los Angeles City Ethics Commission News

The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission has announced two new features of its Campaign Electronic Filing System (CEFS), which is mandatory for all non-candidate committees. The first new feature enables independent expenditure, general purpose, primarily formed, and ballot measure committees to upload Form 460 and their campaign communications. The second new CEFS feature enables independent spenders in City and LAUSD elections to electronically file their Form 57 independent expenditure reports and to upload their communications. CEFS also allows IE filers to autofill the state’s Form 496.Using CEFS to file Form 57 and Form 496 will be mandatory beginning with the 2022 elections, though voluntary use is encouraged through 2020.

San Francisco Ethics Commission News

The San Francisco Ethics Commissioners have approved revisions to the Draft Annual Report. Ethics Commission Bylaws provide that at the end of the fiscal year the Chair, along with the Executive Director, shall submit a written annual report to the Commission for approval, summarizing the activities, accomplishments and budgetary needs of the Ethics Commission. Link to report