News from Ethics Agencies

Last Updated November 4, 2021

Fair Political Practices Commission News

In response to the Governor’s approval of SB 686 in September 2021, the Fair Political Practices Commission has prepared draft Form 419. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2022. The Commission has prepared a Notice and plans to approve the draft form at its December Commission meeting. Form 419 enacts reporting requirements for specified Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) participating in California elections.

Federal Election Commission News

Federal law prohibits foreign nationals from contributing to candidate campaigns and committees supporting candidates. In a recent FEC Ruling, the Federal Election ruled that votes on ballot initiatives do not fall within the legal definition of an “election” under the Federal Election Campaign Act, and therefore, foreign nationals may donate to committees advocating for or against such issues.

San Francisco Ethics Commission News

Staff from the Policy Division of the San Francisco Ethics Commission has announced two virtual meetings to discuss ways to strengthen San Francisco’s government ethics laws. The first meeting will be held on November 16 from noon to 1:30PM. The second meeting will be held on November 18 from 3PM to 4:30PM.