News from Ethics Agencies

By Sarah Lang

Last Updated 11/19/2019

Fair Political Practices Commission News

In 2018, the Fair Political Practices Commission’s Ad Hoc Committee on Governance found that “the Commission’s governance challenges are persistent;” “the Commission has struggled with integrating the full commission, including part-time commissioners, into its oversight and management;” and the “governance practices, ever since these were adopted in writing by the full Commission, have not been consistently observed over time.” As a result, The Commission proposes to amend or repeal 2 Cal. Code Reg. sections 18308 through 18308.3. Comments must be received by December 17, 2019. Link to notice

Long Beach Ethics Commission News

The Long Beach Ethics Commission’s first four members will hold their first meeting on Friday, November 22, 2019. Link to news story

San Francisco Ethics Commission News

San Francisco voters passed Proposition F, the “Sunlight on Dark Money” measure, which means that campaigns will be forced to more prominently disclose who donates money to a cause. The point is to give voters a better idea of who is behind the campaign ads that inundate their mailboxes, social media feeds, and TVs in the run-up to an election Link to news story

San Jose& Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices

During the October regular meeting of San Jose Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices, the Board discussed the Complaint Intake Process, posing two questions: (1) how can the Evaluator’s Preliminary Evaluations that do not require an investigation be summarily confirmed, and (2) how to create a process for the Independent Evaluator to negotiate and propose a stipulated resolution for Board Approval. The Deputy City Attorney provided a follow-up memorandum addressing the steps necessary to pursue the proposals. Link to Deputy City Attorney Memorandum