News from Ethics Agencies

By Sarah Lang

Last Updated 03/1/2019

Fair Political Practices Commission News

The Fair Political Practice Commission argues that it needs broadened power to seek administrative or civil penalties in cases of illegal use of public funds for campaign purposes. Currently, the FPPC only can approve limited administrative fines for failing to disclose campaign spending, not for the misuse of public funds itself.

The Fair Political Practices Commission now is providing online filing for Behested Payment Reports (Form 803). The new system allows elected officials to directly input the information, which will then allow the public to see it the day after it is filed.

Federal Election Commission News

The Federal Election Commission has announced the inflation-adjusted contribution limits for 2019-2020 elections, as well as the coordinated party expenditure limits and lobbyist bundling threshold for 2019.

For the 2019-2020 cycle, the individual contribution limit has been raised to $2,800 per candidate, per election. An explanation of the contribution limits is available on the Commission’s website.

Los Angeles Ethics Commission News

On February 19, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission voted to recommend that the City Council enact significant limits on political contributions from donors seeking City approval on projects.  The limit would apply to real estate developers, engineers, architects, and others.  

Oakland Ethics Commission News

The campaign contribution limits and expenditure ceilings have been updated for the City of Oakland.  A list of the increased 2019 limits is available online.