News from Ethics Agencies

Last updated July 14, 2022

Fair Political Practices Commission News

On July 21, the Fair Political Practices Commission will discuss cleanup amendments to Regulation 18960 regarding direct personal benefit, Regulation 18225.7 regarding made at the behehest and independent versus coordinated expenditures, and Regulation 18728.5 regarding reporting of Commission income and incentive compensation.

Los Angeles City Ethics Commission News

As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in Federal Election Commission v. Cruz For Senate, the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission suspended enforcement of Los Angeles Municipal Code section 49.7.9(E), now allowing both successful and unsuccessful candidates to solicit and receive contributions after an election in order to repay personal loans they made to their own campaigns. The Ethics Commission also requested that the City Council repeal the section of City law in conflict with the new Supreme Court precedent.

San José Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices

The San José City Council is accepting applications to fill one seat on the Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices for a term ending in March 2023. Applications may be submitted online.

City of Santa Ana

The City of Santa Ana has been moving forward with approval of an ordinance that requires City lobbyists registration and financial reporting. According to the ordinance, an individual or entity qualifies as a lobbyists when receiving at least $500 in a calendar month to communicate with City officials for the purpose of influencing legislative or administrative City action.