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Litigation We’re Watching

Faithless Elector cases: US Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that states can prohibit so-called “faithless electors” and require an elector pledged to support a particular candidate for President to vote for that candidate for President. The cases came from Washington (Chiafalo v. Washington, No. 19-465) and Colorado (Colorado Department of State v. Baca, No. 19-518), where the lower courts reached opposite rulings.

News from Election and Ethics Agencies

Follow the Secretary of State’s Advisories to County Elections Officials for continually updated guidance regarding administration of the November 3, 2020 all-maill-ballot election.

Secretary of State continues development of the Cal-Access Replacement System software project, expected to go live February 1, 2021. The web-based software will be used by state campaign and lobbying filers.

New Legislation

On June 8, 2020, the FPPC reported that Assembly and Senate staff, as well as authors of the various PRA related bills have advised most PRA legislation will likely not move forward this session due to attention to COVID-19 and the State Budget.