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California State Courthouse

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Republican National Committee v. Democratic National Committee 589 U.S. __ (2020). US Supreme Court overruled district court order extending the deadline for voters to mail or postmark absentee ballot beyond election day, holding the district court erred in altering the election rules on the eve of the state’s election.

News from Election and Ethics Agencies

The Fair Political Practices Commission is proposing new regulations that require reporting and disclosure for limited liability companies (LLC’s). Currently, if an LLC makes a reportable campaign contribution or independent expenditure, the name of the LLC is reported as the source of the funds. In addition to reporting the name of the LLC, the committee receiving the contribution would need to provide the name of the individual responsible for the LLC’s political activity, even though this is not required under the California Corporations Code. Link to FPPC Memorandum

New Legislation

The Assembly has adjourned until Monday, May 4th, and the Senate until Monday, May 11th, due to COVID-19.
AB 3078 – Provides that an elected officer or member of the Public Utilities Commission is not required to report as behested payments made in response to an invitation to an event hosted by a nonprofit organization unless the person, or his or her agent, makes a direct written or verbal request for a payment for a legislative, governmental, or charitable purpose. Specifies that the person is not considered to have made a direct written request solely because his or her name, signature, photograph, or similar identifying information is included in the invitation to the event.