Litigation We're Watching

Last Updated 05/2021

Americans for Prosperity v. Becerra, Sup. Ct. Docket No. 19-251 and Thomas More Law Center v. Becerra, Sup. Ct. Docket No. 19-255, cases consolidated (see Docket No. 19-251 for updates). US Supreme Court will review First Amendment implications of California’s law requiring disclosure of donors to nonprofit organizations. Oral argument April 26, 2021.

Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee (DNC v. Hobbs), Sup. Ct. Docket No. 19-1257. US Supreme Court held oral argument on March 2, 2021 to review Arizona’s ballot harvesting ban and invalidation of ballots cast outside of the voter’s correct precinct. The 9th Circuit previously ruled the law has an impermissible discriminatory impact under the Voting Rights Act.

de la Torre v. City of Santa Monica (filed March 3, 2021 in Los Angeles County Superior Court). Councilmember filed suit against City of Santa Monica, alleging other council members wrongly voted to exclude Councilman de la Torre from decisions relating to an existing voting rights case against the City in which Councilman de la Torre’s wife is a plaintiff.

The New Georgia Project, et. al. v. Raffensperger, et. al. (USDC, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, Case 1:21-cv-01229-JPB, complaint filed 03/25/2021). On March 25, 2021, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed bill (SB 202) making numerous changes to the state’s voting laws, including ruples applicable to absentee voting and ballot drop off locations. Later the same day, so called “voting-advocacy groups” filed a lawsuit against the law, in federal district court in Atlanta, arguing the law unconstitionally restricts voting rights.