New Legislation

Last Updated October 2021

The following bills were signed by the Governor in the final weeks before the October 10th deadline, amending either the Elections Code or the Political Reform Act.

SB 714
Repeals a requirement that a person must be affiliated with the Democratic Party to be eligible for appointment to a Democratic Party county central committee and permits a person who is not a US citizen to be elected to a Democratic Party county central committee if certain conditions are met.

AB 37
Requires county elections officials to mail a ballot to every active registered voter for all Elections.

AB 319
Prohibits a foreign government or principal from making contributions, expenditures, or independent expenditures in connection with the election of a candidate to state or local office

AB 796
Requires a driver’s license or identification card application, renewal, or change of address notification to include a voter registration application and would require the DMV to transmit the application to the Secretary of State according to specified deadlines.

AB 1367
Increases penalties for egregious personal use of campaign funds to two times the amount of the unlawful expenditure.

AB 1495
Requires the Governor, when a vacancy occurs in California’s representation in the US Senate, to schedule an election for the US Senate seat to be held at the next regularly scheduled statewide primary that is at least 148 days away, with a general election for the seat being held at the ensuing statewide general election, except as specified.

AB 1590
Transfers the responsibility for collecting the $150 penalty for failure to pay the annual $50 committee fee from the FPPC to the Secretary of State.

AB 488
Establishes that charitable fundraising platforms and platform charities are trustees for purposes of the Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act and subject to the supervision of the Attorney General. Effective January 1, 2023.