New Legislation

Last Updated 05/2020

The Assembly has adjourned until Monday, May 4th, and the Senate until Monday, May 11th, due to COVID-19.

Proposed California State Legislation

AB 3078
Provides that an elected officer or member of the Public Utilities Commission is not required to report as behested payments made in response to an invitation to an event hosted by a nonprofit organization unless the person, or his or her agent, makes a direct written or verbal request for a payment for a legislative, governmental, or charitable purpose. Specifies that the person is not considered to have made a direct written request solely because his or her name, signature, photograph, or similar identifying information is included in the invitation to the event.

AB 3250
Requires an elections official to establish an alternative procedure for the use of paper ballots in the event that a ballot marking system, a ballot on demand system, or, except as specified, a voting system becomes nonfunctional. Requires the elections official to submit the alternative procedure to the Secretary of State for approval.

AB 2072
As part of the California New Motor Voter Program, requires a person to affirmatively agree to become registered or preregistered to vote during a transaction with the DMV before the Secretary of State registers or preregisters that person, rather than it being automatic.

AB 2088
Prohibits the use of the number “13” in the 10-year sequence of numbers for statewide measures.

AB 2070
Requires a person who qualifies and is registered to vote to cast a ballot, marked or unmarked in whole or in part, at every election held within the territory within which the person resides and the election is held. Requires the Secretary of State to enforce this requirement.