New Legislation

Last Updated June, 2021

Senate President pro tempore Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon have agreed to limit each state legislator to moving only 12 bills to the opposite house during the 2021 Legislative Session. This means only 1,440 bills could move through the legislative process this year.

AB 152language submitted June 11, 2021
Prohibits the Secretary of State from certifying the sufficiency of the signatures until the Department of Finance has submitted its cost estimate, and either the Joint Legislative Budget Committee has had 30 days to review and comment on the estimate, or the Legislature has appropriated funds it determines are reasonably necessary to conduct the recall election and has designated funds for that purpose in the Budget Act or another statute.

SB 686
regarding campaign disclosure for limited liability companies, passed in the Senate on June 2nd. Currently, the bill requires the LLC’s statement of members to include certain information about the LLC, including a list of all persons who have a membership interest in the LLC of at least 10%, or who made a cumulative capital contribution of at least $1,000 to the LLC after it qualified as a committee or sponsor of a committee, or within the 2 calendar years before it qualified. These thresholds may be changed from 2 calendar years to to 1 year, or 2 calendar quarters, and from a $1,000 cumulative capital contribution to $5,000 or $10,000. They also may look at removing the portion of the bill codifying the FPPC regulations on LLCs. Amendments will be coming to this bill soon.

AB 378,
the gendered language cleanup bill, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 8th. AB 378 would remove gendered language from certain portions of the Government Code and other codes, including from the Political Reform Act.

AB 1367,
regarding egregious personal use of campaign funds, passed the Assembly on May 27th. The bill originally included a one-bank-account rule for noncandidate recipient committees, but it was removed due to concerns from stakeholders. They may put it back in later.

AB 1590
passed the Assembly on May 17th. AB 1590 transfers the responsibility for collecting the $150 penalty for failure to pay the annual $50 committee fee from the FPPC to the SOS. Under existing law, the SOS is responsible for collecting the original $50 fee, and referrals for nonpayment are sent to the FPPC. Also makes other nonsubstantive changes.

SB 752,
regarding disclaimers on campaign advertisements, passed the Senate on June 3rd. The FPPC will be looking to take a position on it soon.

SB 459,
regarding lobbying advertisement disclaimers and reporting, passed the Senate on June 1st.

The following bills have been ordered to the inactive file at the request of their respective authors: AB 236 (campaign disclosure: limited liability companies), AB 975 (SEI electronic filing and gift rules), AB 40 (slate mailer disclosures). Additionally, SB 305 (electronic filing prior to CARS) is held in committee and under submission.