New Legislation

Last Updated 11/11/2019

The following legislation has been signed into law by the Governor.

SB 47
Requires, for specified state and local initiative, referendum, or recall petitions, that an Official Top Funders disclosure be made either on the petition itself or on a separate sheet that identifies the name of the committee and any qualifying top contributors.

SB 71
Prohibits the expenditure of campaign funds and legal defense funds to pay or reimburse a candidate, elected officer, and others for penalties, judgements, or settlements related to claims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment.

SB 72
Requires county elections officials to offer conditional voter registration and provisional voting (same day registration) at all polling places.

SB 151
Permits an elected state official who is subject to a recall election to have their party preference identified on the recall ballot.

SB 359
Permits a municipal referendum petition to contain an impartial summary of the ordinance instead of the text of the ordinance or portions of the ordinance that is the subject of the referendum.

SB 523
Aligns the timeline for notices and the submission of an unsigned vote by mail (VBM) ballot envelope with the deadlines established for mismatching signatures.

SB 641
Permits the Governor to schedule a special election to fill a legislative or congressional vacancy up to 200 days following the issue of a proclamation.

SB 681
Authorizes the proponent of a local referendum or charter amendment initiative to withdraw the measure prior to the election. It takes effect immediately as an urgency statute.

The following legislation has been vetoed by the Governor.

AB 681
Would have required county elections officials to send a notice to each registered voter in the county with specified voting information before every presidential primary election. Also would have required a local elections official to accept a change of address form, or a change in party preference form, from a registered voter from the 14th day before an election through the close of polls on election day instead of executing a new affidavit of registration.

AB 773
Would have required the Secretary of State, in coordination with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, to develop educational programming for pupils in grade 12 on voting registration and participation.

AB 1036
Would have authorized the Yolo County Elections Office, in partnership with the Yolo County Office of Education to conduct a High School Voter Education Pilot Program to increase civic engagement. Also would have added certain requirements of the Secretary of State related to county voter outreach, registration, and education efforts.

AB 1391
Would have required vote by mail ballot applications to provide a means for the applicant to specify the preferred language in which he or she would like to received future election materials. Also would have required voter notifications to include a statement of the voter’s language preference and instructions to receive election materials in the voter’s preferred language.

AB 1451
Would have made it a misdemeanor to pay signature gatherers based on the number of signatures they collect on a state or local initiative, referendum or recall petition, and would have required that at least 10% of signatures on a state initiative petition be collected by unpaid circulators.

SB 212
Would have authorized general law cities, counties, and school districts to conduct a local election using ranked choice voting.

SB 268
Would have made modifications to ballot label requirements and notification requirements to voters for a local measure that imposes or increases a tax with more than one rate or authorizes the issuance of bonds.

SB 696
Would have required any existing political party that uses a variation of the phrase “no party preference” or “decline to state,” or the word or variation of the word “independent” in its name, to change its name or to lose its qualification as a political party.