New Legislation

Last Updated January 06, 2021

While originally scheduled to return on Monday, January 4th, both the Assembly and Senate have decided to move the date of the return to session to Monday, January 11th.

The tentative legislative calendars for 2021 can be found here for the Assembly and here for the Senate.

Special Elections
Governor Newsom issued a proclamation on December 17th declaring a special election for the 30th Senate District on May 4, 2021. The primary for that special election will be held on March 2, 2021. Governor Newsom also announced that he will submit to the State Legislature the nomination of Assemblymember Dr. Shirley N. Weber as the next Secretary of State, filling the seat that will be vacated by Secretary of State Alex Padilla once he assumes office in the United States Senate. There will be a special election to fill her seat in the 79th Assembly District if she is confirmed by the Legislature.

Governor’s Lobbying Ban
On December 11th, Governor Newsom instituted a new lobbying ban, stating that any paid campaign or political consultant to the Governor is barred from directly communicating on behalf of a client with the Governor, members of his staff, or the agencies under his control for the purpose of influencing legislative or administrative action. Further, no registered lobbyist can be a paid campaign or political consultant to the Governor. The full memorandum can be found here.

“Faithless Electors”
Senator Bill Dodd has introduced a bill that would ensure electors’ ballots go to the winner of the majority of California’s votes for president and vice president, preventing so-called “faithless electors.” The bill, which has yet to be given a number, would void a faithless elector’s vote if they voted for another candidate and immediately replace him or her with an alternate who would cast a ballot for the winning candidate.