New Legislation

Legislative update – September 2022

The Governor has until September 30 to sign or veto bills. He has already signed the following into law:

AB 2037 deletes the prohibition on an establishment whose primary purpose is the sale and dispensation of alcoholic beverages from being used as a polling place.

AB 2158 requires each member of a governing board of a school district, a county board of education, or the governing body of a charter school, in service as of January 1, 2025, to receive ethics training before January 1, 2026, and at least once every two years thereafter.

AB 2172 authorizes a person who is required to file a campaign or lobbying disclosure report with the Secretary of State in a paper format to file that report by email or other digital means instead.

AB 2577 requires the Secretary of State to establish uniform filing forms for candidates.

AB 2608 updates the Elections Code to reflect the requirement that every active registered voter be mailed a ballot for all elections in which the voter is eligible to vote.

SB 103 (Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act) provides for the automatic replacement of any presidential elector who does not cast their electoral vote for the candidates for President and Vice President of the United States that the elector is pledged to support.

SB 1100 authorizes the presiding member of a legislative body conducting a meeting, or their designee, to remove an individual for disrupting the meeting, and defines “disrupting” for these purposes.

The following bills have been passed by the Legislature are awaiting the Governor’s approval or veto:

AB 775 on recurring contributions

AB 1416 on ballot labels (requires the ballot label for a statewide ballot measure, and permits the ballot label for a local ballet measure, to include the names of specified supporters and opponents of the measure)

AB 1798 on campaign disclosure: advertisements

AB 1783 on lobbying: administrative actions

AB 2528 on Cal-Access: local filers

AB 2582 on recall elections for local officers (requires a recall election for a local officer to include only the question of whether the officer sought to be recalled shall be removed from office. The office would then be vacant until it is filled according to law if the recall is successful)

AB 2584 on recall elections (among other items, increases the total number of proponent signatures required to be included on a notice of intention to recall a state or local elected officer; establishes a public display period for local recall petitions)

SB 459 on lobbying transparency

SB 746 on business entity ads and search results

SB 794 on excessive contributions

SB 834 on tax-exempt status: insurrection.

SB 1360 on ad disclosures

SB 1439 on contributions to local government agency officers: disqualification