New Legislation

Last Updated April, 2021

Amendment to SB 663
This bill has been amended to add application and privacy requirements when the target of a recall chooses to inspect the signers of a recall petition in order to contact them to determine whether they intended to sign the petition. It also adds that the ability to inspect and contact petition signers does not apply if the number of registered voters eligible to vote in the recall election is less than 50,000. Finally, it now requires each page of a recall petition to include, at the top of the page, the words “Petition for an Election to Remove from Office:” followed by the title and first and last name of the target of the recall.

AB 1367
Imposes bank account requirements on non-candidate committees. Authorizes a committee to redact the bank account number on the 410 copy going to a local filing officer, and requires SOS to redact the bank account number before making 410’s public. Requires a committee that receives contributions subject to contribution limits to make all contributions to candidates for elective state office from a bank account that is maintained and designated as an All Purpose account.

SB 752
Requires a petition to instruct voters to sign the petition only after viewing the Official Top Funders disclosure, and would require a signer to certify that the signer saw the disclosure. Revises the minimum contribution thresholds above which a contributor may be considered a “top contributor,” and would require certain ads to identify the top contributors to the campaign committee paying for the advertisement without regard to any minimum contribution threshold. Makes additional changes to the disclosure requirements for advertisements, depending on the medium in which the ad appears.

SB 459
Requires lobbying entities to include information on their quarterly reports that identifies each bill or administrative action subject to lobbying activity, and the respective position advocated for. Requires a lobbying firm or employer to file a monthly report for any calendar month in which the total amount of payments subject to reporting exceeds $15,000, and monthly reports for 12 months following any quarter in which the total amount of payments subject to reporting exceeds $45,000. Requires disclaimers on “issue lobbying advertisements,” and if the costs of the ad are $5,000 or more, a report within 72 hours. If passed, the bill becomes effective in 2023.

For a recall election, requires that the name of the officer be placed on the ballot as a successor candidate if the officer does not resign no later than 10 days after the date of certification of sufficient signatures. If the officer does so resign, the office would be deemed vacant and the recall election would not be held. In the recall election itself, if a candidate other than the officer receives a plurality, that candidate would be elected as the successor to serve the remainder of the officer’s term. If the officer receives a plurality, however, the recall would fail and the officer would remain in office.

AB 241
Requires initiative and referendum measures to appear in the order in which they qualify for the ballot, instead of referendum measures required to be last after all initiative measures. Makes conforming statutory changes for SCA 1 (which would require that the ballot for a referendum measure provide that a “Yes” vote is in favor of the referendum and rejects the statute subject to the referendum, and a “No” vote is against the referendum and approves the statute subject to the referendum).

SB 90
Requires the ballot label for statewide measures to include a listing of the signers of ballot arguments printed in the state voter information guide that support and oppose the measure or the signers of the rebuttal arguments to the arguments that support and oppose the measure. Requires the signers of the ballot arguments to submit the lists of supporters and opponents to the Secretary of State and would require the Secretary of State to provide those lists to county elections officials as part of the ballot label.