New Legislation

Last Updated February 2, 2024

State Legislation

The following bills have been introduced since the Legislature reconvened on January 3. February 16 is the bill introduction deadline.

AB 1784: States the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation established that a person is prohibited from filing nomination documents for more than one office at the same election.

AB 1795: Permits a candidate who has filed a declaration of candidacy for an office at a primary election to additionally file nomination documents for state office, or for the office of Member of the United States House of Representatives or United States Senator, if a filing extension is granted for that second office because the incumbent has not filed nomination documents. Provides that the candidate’s act of filing for the second office constitutes an automatic withdrawal from candidacy for the first office. Provides that if the candidate who withdraws from the first office is the incumbent of that first office, the period to file nomination documents for that first office would be reopened until 5 p.m. on the 78th day before the primary election.

AB 2003: Permits a candidate whose declaration of candidacy has been filed for a primary election to withdraw their candidacy until 5 p.m. on the final day that nomination documents may be delivered or filed for that office at the primary election.

AB 1170: Former 2-year bill that requires public officials and candidates who file their original statements of economic interests with the FPPC to file those SEIs using the FPPC’s electronic filing system. Also requires redaction of the filer’s personal residential addresses and telephone numbers and the street name and building number of the filer’s business address and any real property interests from SEIs that are made available on the internet. This bill has passed the Assembly.

SCA 1: If approved by voters, eliminates the successor election for a recalled state officer and provides, in the event an officer is removed in a recall election, that the office will remain vacant until it is filled in accordance with existing law. Repeals the prohibition against the officer subject to the recall from being a candidate to fill the office in a special election, but prohibits the appointment of the officer subject to the recall election to fill the vacancy. This bill has passed the Senate.

AB 2041: eliminates the conditions that campaign funds can be used to pay for security expenses only if the candidate has received threats to physical safety that have been verified by law enforcement, and that no more than $5,000 be used for this purpose. Instead authorizes a candidate to use campaign funds for this purpose if the threat or potential threat to safety arises from the candidate’s activities, duties, or status as a candidate or elected officer. Does not authorize campaign funds to be used to pay for firearms. Requires the return of the security system or other item to the committee that paid for it or reimbursement to the campaign fund account of the committee that paid for the item, and reporting of the reimbursement to the FPPC.