New Legislation

Last Updated 03/2020

Proposed California State Legislation

AB 2151
Beginning in 2022, this bill would require a local governmental agency that receives campaign finance disclosure filings in paper format to post copies of the paper filings on its internet website within 72 hours of the filing deadline.

AB 2079
This bill would prohibit an investor-owned utility from making a contribution to a candidate for elective state office, and prohibit a candidate from accepting such a contribution.

SCA 2 / SB 1014
This constitutional amendment changes the two-question process for recalls for state officers by eliminating the question determining if an officer should be recalled and, instead, requires the officer’s name be placed on the recall ballot as a candidate for the office (if the officer does not resign). The officer is to remain in office if the officer receives the highest number of votes. SB 1014 would make the relevant statutory changes to implement SCA 2. The bill also requires an elected state officer to comply with the contribution limits for contributions to oppose a recall.

AB 2407
This bill requires a committee to include within a campaign statement the name of each individual who owns or controls, or controls the contributions or expenditures of, an LLC or a foreign LLC from which the committee received a campaign contribution.

AB 2505
This bill would subject a person who misuses campaign funds, resulting in an unlawful direct personal benefit with a monetary value of $10,000 or more, to a misdemeanor penalty and an administrative penalty collected by the FPPC of up $10,000 for each violation, or three times the amount of the unlawful direct personal benefit.